Report Title:  The Chinese Steel Industry Annual Report 2021

 Overview:       Presents an overview of  China’s Steel Industry in 2020.  Offers a detailed analysis of the

                        Chinese Steel Market, specifically in import and export of steel products, market’s demand and supply,

                        economic efficiency and steel price trends, etc.

·         The most authentic and comprehensive report of the steel industry of China

·         The collective wisdom of more than 20 senior steel analysts

·    A great offer of World Metallurgical Knowledge Exchange and Service Center, MIP.

Introduction: In 2020, China made meticulous plans and strategies to deal with complex situations, which helped the

                       steel industry to achieve steady growth. This report provides an insight into the development of

                       China’s steel industry in 2020, the changes of steel products price, trends, and related influencing factors.

                        Readers will gain a deepened understanding of the Chinese steel industry, the steel market, and the

                        drivers behind the more-than-expected growth.

Detail:             17 Chapters with 220 pages including detailed color graphs. Chapter Titles are:

1.      Overall Performance of the Chinese Steel Industry in 2020

2.      Supply and Demand Situation of the Steel Market in China in 2020

3.      World Steel Production and Market in 2020

4.      Import and Export of Iron and Steel Products in 2020

5.      Analysis of Chinese Steel Production and Consumption in 2020

6.      Analysis of China’s Iron Ore Imports in 2020

7.      Mining, Steel Scrap, Coking Industry, Performance in 2020

8.      Economic Efficiency and Financial Status Analysis of the CISA Member Enterprises in 2020

9.      2020 Analysis of Domestic and Foreign Price Trends

10.  Analysis of Steel Products Circulation by CISA Member Iron and Steel Enterprises in 2020

11.  Analysis of Fixed Asset Investments in the Iron and Steel Industry in 2020

12.  Regional Concentration of Chinese Iron and Steel Industry in 2020

13.  Analysis of Chinese Crude Steel Concentration Index in 2020

14.  Technological Innovations in 2020

15.  Green Development in the Iron and Steel Industry in 2020

16.  Analysis of Iron and Steel Human Resources in 2019

17.  Overview of Iron and Steel Industry Systems and Development in 2020

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